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What is UBI?

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is a type of insurance whereby the costs are calculated from your real usage. Whether it is vehicle usage, exercise routine, or travel, your behavior on utilizing products will show your risk more accurate than your typical profile.

Pay How You Drive

In the first period, we adapt UBI to calculate car insurance premium based on your driving lifestyle. Are you a driving safe style driver? Then, you’ll have an opportunity to receive insurance premium bonus discount for the next year!

How to Get Insurance Premium Discount?

It is EASY to get discount! Only Install noon Application on your smartphone, register and follow the steps to receive insurance premium bonus discount for the next year!

What's in the Application?

Monthly Beneficial Gift Challenges

Collecting symbols system to trade with our gifts,
for example, car gadgets or special fuel discount and more!

Insurance Regulatory Sandbox

Insurance Regulatory Sandbox project was an opportunity for insurance companies, representatives, organizations and FinTech firms which has partnerships with them to display their financial transaction. This financial transaction has to be under Office of Insurance Commission and also, a new technological innovation which improve quality and performances or deduce costs for businesses.