Financial Inclusion

Our noon’s technology is an advisory of insurance, tax and wealth planing which created from InsurTech and FinTech. We concern our financial burdens and try to find best solutions for our clients.


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Insurance miniERP Platform for Business

For digital sales pipeline from front-to-back and analytics to leverage business strategy

Agent & Broker Portal

Our tools will help insurance representatives to have more convenient selling process by providing product shelve management, lead & order management, policy management, dashboard performance tracker, accounting & commission, report & reconcile and sale team management for your organization.

System Backbone

Our system backbone will support your business to be self-sustaining by our convenient products which are scalable service or oriented Cloud architecture, payment gateway integration, APIs integration, data privacy & security implementation, analytics – data pipeline for BI and technical support.

360º Big Data Analytics for Insurance

Comprehensive database of individual’s lifestyle behavior and financial well-being


Let’s see what we can help you as a customer

Insurance Advisory Platform

Cloud-based platform for retail users to compare and get advice on the most suitable insurance product to their profiles and preferences at every stages of life

Tax Advisory for Consumer

Our tax calculation platform will help you calculate and plan your personal tax, along with providing tax-saving product advisory. We also provide tax filling preparation service to help reduce time and tax filling process.

Wealth Advisory for Consumer

Our individual finance planing platform will help you set up your finance plan according to personal life purpose. We also provide cash flow and asset-liability summary for you.

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Try to improve your life by using our advisory platform. We assure best results to you.